Northants & District Junior GP 23/24 Round 7 - Saturday 27 April 2024
info Summary
: Saturday 27 April 2024
: £8.00
: Thursday 25 April 2024
place Location
Daventry Squash Club
Western Avenue
NN11 4ST
person Organiser
Mike Broadbent
badge Safeguarding Lead
Mike Broadbent
emergency First Aid
Mike Broadbent
groups Grades
: E Grade, D Grade, C Grade, B Grade, A Grade
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Round Seven of the Northants & District Junior Grand Prix 23/24

This is a graded tournament with boys and girls competing together in categories based on their current playing level:

  • E Grade: novice - either very young and/or absolutely new to the game; two serves allowed when playing and we use a red-dot ball
  • D Grade: beginner - able to serve fairly consistently and get into most rallies; will have been playing for six months or more; red or single yellow-dot ball
  • C Grade: intermediate - age range can be from as young as 9 up to mid-teens, depending on how long they've been playing; able to serve and rally, beginning to understand court positioning and movement; single yellow-dot ball
  • B Grade: getting good - usually a bit older, can play long rallies, more power; usually double-dot ball
  • A Grade: generally mid to late teens, been playing for a few years; often county-level or just below, regularly playing, full range of shots, power and speed; usually double-dot ball

Typical times through the day:

  • E Grade: 9:00 - 10:30
  • D Grade: 10:30 - 12:00
  • C Grade: 12:00 - 13:30
  • B & A Grades: 13:30 - 16:30

About Northants & District Junior Grand Prix

Established in 2017, our tournaments are all about having fun whilst getting used to playing competitive squash. It's a friendly atmosphere designed to encourage new players without any of the pressure they might feel on the sanctioned circuit, and because the categories are determined by ability, rather than age or gender, the matches are often closer than they might be at a ranking event.

Whilst we play at venues in and around Northants, any junior from any county is welcome to take part. Entry fees are kept low thanks to the generosity of the venues, and because the only "trophies" that can be won are home-made certificates (but we do at least laminate them).

If you don't know which grade is right for you please feel free to contact the organiser, Mike Broadbent, to discuss which one will suit best. We use Squash Levels data when it's available and up to date, and results from grades B to E automatically upload to SL.

Most matches are played best of three to 11, with an appropriate ball for the playing standard and conditions. The grades run consecutively, taking one or two hours to complete - the exception being the B & A grades which run simultaneously and usually take three hours. In any event, unless you have more than one child playing at opposite ends of the grades, you should find that a Grand Prix is a half-day commitment at most.

Check out the Northants Junior Squash page on Facebook where you'll find lots of photos going back to when we started - it'll give you an indication of the kind of environment we aim for :)

We look forward to welcoming you to Daventry on Saturday 27th April!